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Imitating A Scanner Darkly | Illustrator Techniques

February 4, 2007 2 comments

I still have version 10 Adobe Illustrator I’ve used very little since bought a few years ago. Soon after I purchased the Wow book which I still have also. I never could quite get into vector art although I did a project or two with it. I did get a handle (for the most part) on the use of the pen tool in Photoshop and have used it and the shape tools to block in shapes with my painting efforts. I appreciate the control over drawing the pen tool gives.

In the Wow book I notice several articles and mentions of vector photographs where a photograph was basically recreated by tracing over the photograph with various vector tools. The idea was of interest to me but I didn’t have the attention span and patience at the time to stick with it. Unlike Photoshop paths in Illustrator were objects that could occupy layers themselves making it easier to deal with.

I stumbled across this post today and it has rekindled my interest in this subject again considering the increasing difficulty I have finding the resources to ramble for photographic material.

Imitating A Scanner Darkly | Illustrator Techniques


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